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OGP SmartScope ZIP Lite Benchtop System


OGP SmartScope ZIP Lite Benchtop System

     Each SmartScope ZIP Lite system includes the following standard features:

  • AccuCentric auto-calibrating 5:1 motorized zoom lens for clear sharp imaging. Standard optical configuration includes 1.0x adapter tube, and 1.0x lens.
  • High resolution color camera
  • Includes high intensity white LED coaxial surface light and 8 sector / 6 ring SmartRing Light. Illumination power supply provides programmable on-off status and  brightness for each light source.
  • Green LED illumination for backlight.
  • 52 mm working distance using standard configuration.
  • XY stage mounted on granite base plus granite Z post for mounting zoom optical system.
  • 0.5 µm resolution X, Y, and Z scales.
  • Precision mechanical bearing XYZ stage.  Micro-stepper XY motor drives, DC servo Z motor drive, and 3 button joystick control.
  • Advanced autofocus ensures highly accurate z-axis measurements.
  • Dedicated computer with customized configuration to satisfy requirements for efficient operation of the video system.  Includes Windows operating system
  • MeasureMind 3D MultiSensor measurement software. Includes line-trace, 3-D edge finder, autofocus, global editor, feature finder, weak edge point and video toolbox for general purpose dimensional measurement. Powerful graphical user interface with icon-driven toolbox for access to measurement functions. Computer generated,calibrated targets for accurate alignment of features and edges to the optical centerline. Image storage, overlay and comparison capability. Reference images can be stored on hard drive and superimposed over live images for easy comparison. Exclusive self-optimizing edge analysis provides full FOV measurements. Algorithms automatically optimized based on unique characteristics of each edge, improving accuracy and providing unsurpassed weak edge performance.
  • Includes operation manual, on-line help functions, and international warranty.

Technical Specs

OGP SmartScope ZIP Lite  Cost-effective automatic video-based inspection system  
ZIP Lite Models 250 250 Ext 300
Travel Range (mm)  250 x 150 x 150 300 x 150 x 150 300 x 300 x 150
Load capacity (kg) 20 20 25
XY (E2)* 3.5 µm 4.4 µm 4.9 µm
Z (E1)* 4.4 µm 4.4 µm 4.4 µm
XYZ Scale resolution (µm) 0.5
Motorized zoom ratio Patented 7:1 AccuCentric® auto-calibrating motorized zoom lens
On-screen magnification 36 x - 180 x
Field of View (FOV) Diagonal 1.67mm to 8.67mm
Illumination Green LED profile light,white LED coaxial TTL surface, white patented 8 sector/6 ring SmartRing™ LED
Optical accessories (optional)  0.5x, 0.75x, 1.5x, and 2.0x lens attachments; 1.0x and 2.0x front replacement lenses
Hardware (optional)  On-axis TTL laser, touch probe and change rack  On-axis TTL laser, touch probe and change rack  On-axis TTL laser, touch probe and change rack
Measurement Software MeasureMind 3D (standard)
Software (optional) Measure-X (replace MeasureMind 3D), MeasureFit® Plus, SmartReport® powered by QC-Calc™, MeasureMenu™, Scan-X®