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Infact Technology System Co., Ltd. is leader on 3D Non-Contact Measurement machine in Thailand to sales and service on "OGP SmartScope since 1998 to today 

Now Infact Technology System have many products to support customers more than "OGP SmartScope". On Spring Industrial, "JISC" is manufacturer brand on spring tester for Tension, Compression and Torsion spring. "JISC" Load Tester for test Tension force, Compression force with special software to support ruber 


OGP SmartScope History

In 1945 a new company was formed in Buffalo, NY to support the fledgling optical comparator industry. Engineers Specialties Division (ESD) of the Universal Engraving and Colorplate Company began manufacturing staging fixtures and chart-gages. After moving to Rochester, NY, ESD was purchased by a group of employees and re-formed as Optical Gaging Products, Inc. (OGP) and Projection Gages, Inc. (PGI).

OGP began a working relationship with Eastman Kodak Company as the exclusive distributor for the Kodak Contour Projector®. OGP rapidly expanded and became a national leader in optical inspection. In 1955,one of the founders of OGP, Edward C.Polidor, formed Automation Gages, Inc., a firm specializing in highly customized inspection equipment. The equipment designed and manufactured by Automation Gages filled such diverse needs as automatic measuring of germanium transistor wafers to evaluation of the wash-and-wear characteristics of textiles.

Automation Gages soon became the national distributor for Bausch and Lomb scientific industrial products, including optical comparators and analytical microscopes. In 1959, OGP found its way to Detroit and became part of the Ex-Cell-O Corporation when Kodak sold the Contour Projector Line.

To meet future challenges, Automation Gages embarked on a program to build the core technologies needed for market leadership. Between 1969 and 1973, they acquired General Measurement Research, Inc. (manufacturer of the Digital Incremental Glass scale system), Visual Inspection Products (designers and builders of chart layout machines and 1:1 pantographs), the optical comparator product lines from Ex-Cell-O and Bendix Measurement Division, and, finally, Optical Gaging Products, Inc. All operations, including manufacturing, were consolidated under one roof in Rochester, New York in 1973.Since then, Optical Gaging Products has become a world leader in non-contact and multisensor measurement.